What readers are saying about Children of the Lost Moon

  • "A fun fantasy for younger readers, very highly recommended," Midwest Book Review, 5 stars
  • "Move over J.K. Rowling and Stephenie Meyer," Linda, 5 stars
  • "Excellent paranormal romance," Red Adept Reviews, 4 1/4 stars
  • "Reminiscent of a popular vampire series," Shanella, 3 stars
  • "An interesting take on shapeshifters," Katelyn Torrey, 3 stars
  • "More than expected," readandimagine, 4 stars
  • "Enjoyed it," Robin Carter, 4 stars
  • "An expertly written and thoroughly enjoyable paranormal romance," S.J. Wist, 5 stars

Luke said, "Savannah, werewolves may not be quite as fast as we are, but they are much faster than humans. They will rip you apart before you even have a chance to react. They also have one defining trait that we do not - if they do not kill you, you will become infected."

He grabbed me by the upper arms and stared down at me, face grim, indigo eyes frightening. "You would become a werewolf. And I would have to kill you."